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Korean Red Ginseng

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It is product obtained by processing the powder of 6 years old Red ginseng(insam) in a shape of tablet. It is very helpful for promoting brain function.



Red Insam Powder 100%(6 years old), Main Roots 70% Fine Roots 30%.

 Dosage and Administration

3 tablets at a time, 3 times at a day.

Chewing as it is or drink with a cup of cold water.


Origin of Korean Ginseng

: The medicinal use of Korean Ginseng was already well known to Chinese civil herb doctor several thousands years ago. The name of ginseng can be found in various Chinese historical records, many of which were written as early as B.C. 100. According to many Chinese medicinal books ever published, Ginseng has been generally used as a medicine for human health in most of the oriental countries. Korean Ginseng originally grew in deep mountains both of Korea and China. 

It’s time you start taking care of your own health. Take Korean Ginseng today and you will fell healthier than ever before. 
When it comes to ginseng, a lot of people assume that ginseng is only needed to improve poor body condition. Nevertheless, consuming ginseng in a certain amount daily can benefit your health because ginseng has no side effects. 
Our ginseng products are purely mad of the best quality 6-year-old selected ginseng roots using high technology to obtain the best effect of the ginseng saponin.
Korean Ginseng can be consumed by anyone in any condition at all time of the year.

Korean Heaven Taekuk Ginseng Extract 6 Years.
: Put one spoonful of Korean Taekuk Ginseng Extract into about 100cc of warm water. Stir well and drink two cups everyday. Honey may be added for better taste.

Korean Heaven Taekuk Ginseng Powder 6 Years
: For children, mix one spponful of Korean Taekuk Ginseng Powder with milk, orange juice or porridge. For adults, take two spoonfuls of Korean Taekuk Ginseng Powder directly or mix with water and some honey. Korean Taekuk Ginseng Powder can also be put into food and soup.

Korean Heaven Taekuk Ginseng Root 6 Years
: Take 1-2 Korean Taekuk Ginseng Roots for cooking with chicken, fish or meat or for boiling in water. 2-3 slices of Korean Taekuk Ginseng Root can also be taken directly every day. When making ginseng wine, ginseng roots must soaked in wine for at least 2 months or more.

Korean Heaven Taekuk Ginseng Capsule 6 Years
: Consume 1-2 tablets of Korean Taekuk Ginseng Capsule two times a day.

Korean Heaven Taekuk Haoneyed Ginseng 6 Years
: No cooking is needed. Simply cut 2-3 slices of Korean Taekuk Honeyed Ginseng for adults and 1-2 slices for children and take directly every day. 

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